Sheriff's Office: Dogs Shot After Attacking, Killing Multiple Farm Animals

Sheriff's Office: Dogs Shot After Attacking, Killing Multiple Farm Animals Photo: Pixabay / MGN Online.

April 17, 2019 01:13 PM

(ABC 6 News) - Eleven goats and one alpaca are dead after they were allegedly attacked by two St. Bernards Monday evening.

According to the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office, the incident happened at a farm on the 3800 block of Darcy Drive NE in Haverhill Township around 6:45 p.m. 

Olmsted County Sheriff's Captain Scott Behrns said the dogs got out from a fenced-in yard on the 100 block of 17th Street NE in Rochester and traveled about 4-6 miles until they got to the farm on Darcy Drive NE. 

Berhns said a man who worked on the farm, arrived at the property and began carrying out his daily chores, when he heard an animal scream. 

Authorities said the man entered a fenced-in enclosure and found an alpaca, bloody, and missing it's bottom jaw. Berhns said later, it was determined that the alpaca likely wouldn't be able to drink water for the rest of his life, and was euthanized.

According to a report from the sheriff's office, the man then saw the two dogs run out a back service door, and begin attacking multiple goats in another fenced-in area. Behrns said the man feared for his own safety and shut the door to protect himself. The report said the man then went and retrieved his shot gun from a short distance away and returned to the property. 

Behrns said when the man came back to the scene he saw the two St. Bernards still attacking and killing goats, on the farm property. According to a report from the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office, the man shot one round and killed one dog, then shot another in the leg. The second dog ran away, and was later found. 

Authorities said the man's actions were legal.

The dogs' owner took the second dog to the vet. According to Behrns, she told authorities she was in the process of either looking to take the St. Bernards to a rescue or have them put down. 

The dogs owner told ABC 6 News that, "Until we moved into town they've [the dogs] lived with other animals [...] The sheriff made it seem to me like he thought they were trying to play with them [the farm animals] but were too rough."  The owner also said, "They've been to events downtown with other animals.  When we lived out of town, they had escaped our invisible fence before but hadn't harmed anyone or anything and even ended up in a fence with another families dog." The owner reiterated that the dogs had never been aggressive in the past, had been gentle with kids and that middle school kids had been known to jump their fence and play with the dogs without incident.

The dog owner was cited for Animal at Large under Haverhill Township: Animal at Large. 

The incident reported is being forwarded to Rochester's Animal Control unit for a dangerous dog process evaluation. 

Behrns said each goat was worth about $100 and the alpaca was worth about $2,000. 


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