RPD releases annual report

(ABC 6 News) – In 2022, Kidnapping, sexual assault and burglary numbers went down from the previous year. UMR student Sam Kress says he’s thankful for Rochester police officers and their work to make the city safer.

“Obviously if those kind of numbers go down it’s only going to make Rochester a better place. So, I would say I’m happy,” said Kress.

Tanner Paulson is also a student at UMR he says he feels safe at the downtown campus.

“I mean I walk to school almost every day and I feel pretty safe just walking around and not having to worry about anything like burglaries,” said Paulson.

But not all numbers in annual report were good. According to the data, DUI jumped more than 19 percent last year from 242 cases in 2021 to 300 last year.

“When it comes down to it’s just making sure I’m driving at the right time, looking out for myself. Sometimes there is that wack driver you have to lookout for. It’s crazy to see those numbers go up. So, it definitely makes you more aware,” said Kress.

Another crime police are seeing more of catalytic converter thefts. 157 cases were reported last year Something that worries students like Paulson.

“I park outside too so you saying make me worry about it,” said Paulson.

Rochester also saw an increase in drug related crimes. There were 358 crimes last year compared to 314 in 2021, and overdoses also went up 29 percent.

“I think the overdose numbers are troubling and we still have a lot of work to do,” said Captain Jeff Stilwell.

Despite these rising numbers these med students say education is key.

“Giving patients resources for like counseling and rehab facilities would help,” said Paulson.

“And if you are struggling reach out for help,” said Kress.