Rochester Police Chief Candidate Removed from Consideration

June 05, 2018 11:52 PM

(ABC 6 News) - Dallas Police Lieutenant Roy Alston's eligibility for Rochester police chief was put in question last month. Tuesday night, a public hearing was held after he filed an appeal.

Alston said he felt "abandoned" when he received the report from the Rochester Police Civil Service Commission. Tuesday, he did what he could to change their minds.


It was standing room only as he explained why he was appealing the city's decision to remove him from consideration for Rochester police chief.

"I barely knew what anyone was talking about until I saw the documents myself," Alston said.

Alston said the written reprimand from a previous employer happened nearly 12 years ago when he was working an overnight shift. He said he was taking care of a sick relative at home, and fell asleep on-duty from exhaustion.

"At no time, did I ever write something with the intent to deceive anyone," Alston said.

However, it wasn't the reasoning behind why Alston was written up that troubled the Police Civil Services Commission, it was his failure to disclose it on the application.

"It looks like you omitted that to try and hide it from us," Civil Service Commissioner Bill Sires said.

"When you look at the information that was provided and it specifically said a written reprimand, and the letter said written reprimand and you said "no," you can understand as a backgrounder how that causes us to question," Civil Service Commissioner Jodi Grimm said.

Alston said it was a difference in the how Texas and Minnesota police define "discipline."

"According to chapter 143, a written reprimand is not a reportable discipline,” Alston said. “So when I answered the question if I had ever been disciplined, I answered it from that context." 

The Rochester Police Civil Service Commission voted 2-1 to "affirm their findings," meaning Alston was removed from consideration for chief.

"I feel like as a community, we failed a candidate," Rochester resident Levedra Vincent said.

Leaving many community members, like Vincent, disappointed.

"I hope this doesn’t affect anyone else applying from out of state or even again someone of color applying from out of state because this is going to affect Rochester way bigger than I think a lot of people realize."

Moving forward, Mayor Ardell Brede said he'll choose from the final two candidates, James Franklin and Mark Elliot
He did not say when he would make the final decision.


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