Rochester Man Names Summit Brewing Company's State Fair IPA

August 22, 2019 05:58 PM

(ABC 6 News) - The Great Minnesota Get Together opened Thursday morning, and in addition to the endless deep-fried food-on-a-stick, this year you can find a beer that got its name from a Rochester man.

“I wanted to be simple with it, but also try to be a little creative,” said Seth Brantner.


When it comes to contests and the Minnesota State Fair, Brantner has a lucky streak.

“A few years back there was a text and win contest that was also where you could sign up at the state fair, and I won a vehicle,” Brantner said.

This year, he’s a winner yet again, naming Summit Brewing Co.’s state fair IPA.

“I came up with the Mini-Sotan,” Brantner said.

The name got him a trip to the Twin Cities brewery to see and taste the beer, which is premiering and being sold exclusively at the Minnesota State Fair.

Specialty, state-fair-only beers are part of a trend that’s gained fairground in recent years as the craft brew craze has grown.

“The state fair is about what’s new and what’s exciting in our state, so I think it’s just kind of a great testing ground for a lot of these new beers,” said Danielle Dullinger, spokesperson for the Minnesota State Fair.

The sample size at the state fair is huge, with two million visitors each year.

“This year’s a big deal because it is our largest list to date when it comes to these specialty brews and beverages,” Dullinger said.

The beer Brantner named is one of those, only 99 calories and with flavors of grapefruit and apricot.

“You can drink it, have a few of them while you’re up at the state fair while also enjoying foods that are there, and not feel incredibly guilty about it,” he said.

There’s no prize money, just bragging rights, but Brantner said seeing the name in writing at the state fair is enough.

“It’s kind of a prize in itself.” 


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