CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Austin Police Nab Thief with Stolen Package

July 19, 2019 10:14 AM

(ABC 6 News) -- In an age of on-line shopping and home delivery, it's a crime that's happening more and more often. And this one was caught on camera.

"In this particular case, homeowners got home, they'd been expecting a package, it had not been there," Austin Police Chief Dave McKichan said of an incident that occurred earlier this week at a home in southwest Austin.


"And they did have a wireless security system in place, and they were able to review it, and noticed that a gentleman had come by and carried their package off," he said.

The video not only showed the thief; it showed him driving from the scene.

A police officer who watched the home surveillance video found the car parked in a different part of Austin.

When he saw what appeared to be packaging material in the vehicle, police got a warrant to search it.

"We did recover the box that had been stolen from our original victims," McKichan said.

There were also items in the car with other questionable address labels; some from Austin, some from Freeborn County.

That led to the search of an Austin home.

"We also uncovered other packaging material as well, with other names and addresses on it," McKichan told us. “Our thought is we believe there are more victims out there."

It also led to the arrest of Andrew Brody, 35.

"The video was absolutely essential,” McKichan said. “We don't solve this case without that video."

The package being stolen on video contained bedding for the family guinea pig.

And if you’ve been thinking of adding a surveillance system at your home, this could be a good reason to do it.

"We're at a point where the video out there is all high definition quality; these camera systems are down in the range of a couple hundred dollars. A lot of them are very easy to set up and operate,” McKichan said. “The more of these that are out there, I hope these package thieves say 'it's not worth it; I'm going to get caught.'"


Dan Conradt

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