Gun Owners Learn About Their Responsibility in Critical Situations

March 23, 2019 09:21 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- About 40 gun owners gathered in Albert Lea Saturday to learn more about their responsibility in a worst-case scenario.

"To be able to carry a firearm is one thing. But to be able to carry a firearm and have knowledge about your firearm, to be familiar with your firearm and proficient with it; that's a whole different story,” said Freeborn County Sheriff Kurt Freitag.


He said these skills are beneficial in critical situations.

"Law enforcement views the permit to carry holder as an asset," he said.

That’s why for the last few years, the Freeborn County Sheriff’s Office has hosted a free class called “Permit to Carry: Before, During and After a Critical Incident.”

The class covers a person’s responsibilities while carrying a firearm, and what allows them to use it.

"Means, opportunity and intent; all three of those have to be present before you can justifiably take someone's life in the state of Minnesota," Freitag said.

That means the threat has to show they are intending harm, have a way to inflict harm and have the ability to reach you.

Albert Lea resident Mark Gilbert took the class to brush up on this knowledge.

"The things that you need to consider before, during what’s going on, and the after of what you need to do,” he said.

He hopes this will help him help others in a dangerous situation.

"There are mean and nasty people and they are everywhere. To have people or citizens in the public that are willing to help the public and the community; we need those people,” he said.

Freitag added that law enforcement can’t always arrive on the scene immediately.

"A lot of times, law enforcement is not gonna arrive on scene until after it has happened or when it is already in progress. But for the permit to carry holder who may be shopping in Walmart or already at the gas station, something along those lines, that person is right there. If their skills are up, their confidence is high because they do practice and their knowledge is where it should be, they're an asset to us,” he said.


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