Rochester keeping cool as third day of extreme heat approaches

(ABC 6 News) – If you think it felt hot outside the last two days, get ready. Thursday will be even hotter and likely set record high temperatures across the region in 2023. And the humidity will not make things any easier with feel like temps reaching triple digits.

Local health experts say the main thing is to stay hydrated and keep time outside limited to avoid exposure to being overheated. The city of Rochester is one of many cities in the region providing resources to those who don’t have too many places to go to get out of the heat.

Whether it’s making a tripe to the store with a child or pet in the car, or not staying out in the sun for too long, everyone needs to keep themselves well aware of over exposure.

“It’s not just people who are showing a significant amount of neglect per say but it can happen accidentally a lot too, said Captain Brett Knapp of the Rochester Fire Department. “So we caution everyone to remember these hot days to make sure that you have got everybody, including your pets, out of your car when you shut things down and leave them outside.”

People without vehicles face a different issue. They need a place to get out of the sun, and when an excessive heat alert is sent out, Rochester Public transit opens up the bus doors for those suffering from excessive heat for free.

“And we do that to just allow it to be pretty clear to folks who are in the public that we respond with compassion in all cases to people who are experiencing distress,” said Nick Lemmer, Communications liaison for the City of Rochester.

Before people may hop on the bus, a lemonade stand could be a good spot to cool down.

Will Weidman is entering the third grade this fall and has been putting up a lemonade stand throughout the summer. He’s had some pretty cool customers according to his mom, Rachel Light.

“There was like a whole bus.” said Weidman.

A city bus full of passengers stopped by to get a drink, but even the lemonade man needs a day off as he’s heading to the pool on Thursday.