Rochester, developers unveil development plan which includes former Kmart site

(ABC 6 News) – Tonight, Rochester residents attended an informational meeting to learn the future of a former Kmart and how it would affect them and businesses in the area.

Camegaran LLC leads the project.

The goal is to transform that area into a mixed-use neighborhood, while expanding housing diversity, and maintaining the health and wellness to the community.

Despite the potential, don’t expect the changes to be immediate.

“Until the property owner decides for something to change, nothing changes.”

Even though the intentions of the master plan are to boost economic development, residents were concerned of what would need to happen before the process can begin.

One concerned resident asked if the development may not happen for many years, why are we rushing to build a bridge over the Zumbro river.

This would connect 6 Street Southwest and Southeast.

Developers say the project is necessary.

“If the bridge isn’t there, that land’s not going to develop, so if we want something other than a parking lot there, we’re definitely going to need the bridge.”

Residents were worried about an increase of traffic flow with the construction of the bridge.

Developers argued that traffic is necessary to attract land development like hotels, restaurants and to create more affordable housing.

We’re still early on in the process as the next step is for the city to approve the development application.