Residents of a Rochester condo building still unable to return home

(ABC 6 News) – The city of Rochester still doesn’t know when people who live at the Rochester Towers condo will be able to get back into their homes. Friday, the complex was evacuated due to concerns over the building’s structural issues.

Workers were hanging off the side of the Rochester Tower condos Monday. Those workers are doing a potentially dangerous job. Moving inch by inch, tapping and inspecting the concrete beams holding up the building. They are trying to find out if the place is safe and the people living there can go home.

“Their engineers and others that they have hire are working to secure the building to make sure it will not collapse and that it is ready for more work because I believe that’s what’s going to happen to sure it up and make sure the improvements are permanent if that’s what they decide to do,” said Rochester Mayor Kim Norton.

The city is no longer responsible for periodic inspections of the building.

“This building was built back in 1969, so it’s been around for a while and the city would’ve inspected it at that time it is then up to the owners to continue to manage and maintain their properties,” said Mayor Norton.

Friday, a structural engineer articulated concerns about the building after conducting an inspection.

“He was concerned enough that he asked the city to help evacuate the building,” said Mayor Norton.

The Rochester police and fire departments helped get everyone out. Also towing their cars away. Keeping everyone safe.

But in the meantime, those people are temporarily living in motels or hotels or in a Red Cross shelter waiting for word they can go back home.

“You know, cause I still didn’t know if this building is going to crumble any minute. Just not knowing, you do feel the urgency to not be there, but just very anxious to get back in,” said Linda Van Sickle, a resident of the building.

She rents one of the condos what up on the tenth floor. She claims when she gets the “all clear” she’s not worried about going back in.

The mayor has said that at this point she doesn’t know when these people will be able to get back inside.

And are there other buildings in town that might need inspecting?

The mayor says yes and if someone sees something they should say something and says the city will take action.