Rep. Angie Craig calls on USPS to release plan ahead of holiday season

(ABC 6 News) – On Nov. 9, Representative Angie Craig told Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to release a plan on how USPS will handle mail services in the South-Minnesota metro area ahead of the holidays, a peak shipping season.

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Craig reported poor working conditions for postal workers sourced the “persistent mail delays.”

Craig wrote in a letter to DeJoy that USPS employees reported poor treatment, causing employees to feel nervous to come to work.

Readers can read her full letter below.

Dear Postmaster General DeJoy,

The United States Postal Service is a critical resource to Minnesotans in the Second District of Minnesota. I write to express deep concern and frustration with the ongoing poor delivery service in the Second District, and to request information on the steps USPS is taking to address the needs of my constituents and wellbeing of its employees this holiday season.

I am extremely concerned about reports of poor treatment causing USPS employees to be nervous to come to work. At the busiest time of year for the shipping industry, current and prospective Postal Employees deserve respect and a welcoming workplace for the important service they provide to our communities.

It is unacceptable, particularly when the Postal Service is experiencing staffing shortages, that workers would be treated poorly at their workplace. I am thankful for our letter carriers and postal workers putting long hours in to work through the backlog of mail, and I am concerned that not enough is being done to recruit and retain employees.

As you know from my previous letters, throughout the past year – especially during the peak holiday shipping season last year – my office fielded complaints from thousands of constituents who were dissatisfied with the service of mail delivery. To say I’ve been underwhelmed with your past responses to my letters would be putting it mildly.

Minnesotans need to know their prescription medications, shipments from small businesses, rent checks and holiday gifts will be delivered in time. Last year, many were not. And rather than receive support from the Postal Service, frustrated constituents turned to my office requesting assistance in receiving their deliveries.

In Minnesota, extreme weather happens. But when it does, USPS customers need to be able to rely on responsive support.

In addition to describing the steps USPS has taken to prepare for the FY24 peak holiday shipping season, I respectfully request your response to the following questions:

  1. In the Minnesota-North Dakota region, what are the adequate staffing levels needed to accommodate the FY24 peak season, and what are the current staffing levels?
  2. What, specifically, is USPS doing to recruit and retain workers during the FY24 peak season? And what steps are being taken to address reports of poor working conditions at USPS facilities?
  3. As part of a recent report reviewing USPS performance during the FY23 peak holiday shipping season, Postal Service Management and the Office of Inspector General agreed on a recommendation that USPS “implement a process to respond to inquiries within three business days”. To date, what systems and processes has USPS implemented to meet this recommendation?
  4. In how many business days can constituents in the Minnesota-North Dakota region expect to receive a response to their inquiries this holiday season?

Thank you for your attention to this important matter, I look forward to receiving your response no later than Monday, November 27, 2023.

Representative Angie Craig

Craig encourages her constituents to contact her office if they are having any trouble navigating or accessing any federal agency, including their local post offices. For assistance, they should visit Representative Craig’s website at