Preston Talks Housing

September 20, 2019 05:42 PM

(ABC 6 News) - Cities across the state are facing the same issue, a need for housing, and the city of Preston is no exception.

That’s why on Friday, in conjunction with community partners, the city held its first-ever housing summit.


Developers, investors, realtors and suppliers were invited to learn how Preston hopes to grow over the next decade as the region’s population grows, too.

“I think the mindset was there’s nowhere to building Preston, but what we did is we looked at Preston and said there are places we just need to do some work to make that happen, and so we’re trying to make it easy for someone to come in and say wow, this town is a great place to develop, let’s get some houses built because we know there’s a need for it,” said Gabby Kinneberg, tourism and chamber of commerce director for the City of Preston.

The goal is to add 160 new homes and apartments by year 2030, which means focusing on infrastructure and attracting residents.

“We have transportation to Rochester so people can live here, commute outside of the town to work with good jobs. We have tourism, which means we have recreational opportunities so not only can you live here, you could work here, you can play here, and I think that’s our big selling point for Preston, and it’s affordable,” Kinneberg said.


Alice Keefe

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