“Our Planet Live in Concert” coming to Mayo Civic Center this Sunday

(ABC 6 News) – Across the world, wildlife and habitats are being impacted by climate change, and the Netflix series, “Our Planet” is bringing those issues to light. Now, those issues are coming to Rochester in a musical event – “Our Planet Live in Concert.”

The concert will take people on a journey to celebrate the world’s wonders. Based on the Netflix documentary series, Oscar-winning composer Steven Price (who is behind movies like “Gravity”) is leading an 18-member orchestra. He has the challenge of breaking down the eight-part series into a two-hour concert. He also has to remember – it’s all live.

“For me, it’s kind of mindblowing because I spend my life writing music, and recording it in the studio,” said Price.

“The musicians are all there. I’m there. Probably my director is there but we don’t really get to see people listening to the music. And we don’t often get to hear it performed together all in one run. In the live environment, suddenly everything comes together.”

Putting a show like this together has a lot of moving parts. Price has taken the series and gone back to rewrite parts of the show into a new music sequence.

“I was really keen that it didn’t seem like ‘here’s some edited highlights from a TV series.’ You wanted it to feel like its own thing and take you on this journey around the whole planet. There are sequences in there that were the favorites for both us and the viewers.”

Price’s music has taken him all over the world but this will be his first time in Minnesota. Sir David Attenborough and actor William Shatner will be narrating the performance on Sunday. To clarify – they will not be in Rochester. Their narrations are pre-recorded.

As of Friday morning, tickets are still available. The show starts at 6:30 at the Mayo Civic Center on Sunday. A donation from the concert will be made to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF.)