Olmsted County 4-H hold ‘Horse Fun Show’

(ABC 6 News) – Olmsted County 4-H was at the fairgrounds Sunday for their Horse Fun Show.

This show is meant to be a practice run before the Olmsted County Fair in a couple of weeks.

Getting out before the big event and familiarizing not only the rider but also the horse with the environment is important to their success.

“It’s for kids that typically don’t go to an outside show around the area. But it gets them used to the sounds of Rochester. Whether it’s the sirens, cars, or motorcycles it gets them acclimated for the fair so everything is safe and everybody’s having a good time,” said volunteer Adam Hovden.

Tifani Dessner, one of the riders, says it takes a lot of work to get ready for competitions. She says it’s not an individual effort it’s a team effort between her and her horse Mac.

“You have to look at it almost from their perspective too. It’s almost like talking to them in a different language. You know they don’t know what you are saying so you almost have to teach them in a different way,” said Dessner.

Olmsted County 4-H is always looking for new members. Even if you don’t have an animal, there are plenty of other roles. Some got off their high horse and participated as judges Sunday.

“Super different. I’m used to being on a horse. I’m used to being on a horse not in the shoes of a judge. So, taking notes. It’s a little hard especially when you have more than one horse in the ring and watching everyone. But it’s nice to learn from a different perspective of things and see what the judge sees,” said Jessica Huinker.

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