NRHEG Elementary students launch 'Gratitude Campaign' |

NRHEG Elementary students launch 'Gratitude Campaign'

Samantha Boring
Created: November 13, 2020 07:26 AM

(ABC 6 NEWS) - One local elementary school is working to have a better outlook after this stressful year. 20 students at NRHEG Elementary school in Ellendale, Minn. are in the middle of their gratitude campaign. Their goal? To strive towards a more mindful and grateful mindset in life. 

"It's good cause then I can help the whole school," 5th grader & one of the campaign "Leroes", Hunter said. Each day these heroes and leaders, or as they call it "Leroes" create a video for all of the students to think of what they can be grateful for that day. "They actually applied to be gratitude campaign leaders. And we got them together, explained the program, and really let them develop it and be creative with it," NRHEG School Social Worker, Brooke Krohn said. 

"With how hard everything has been, we wanted to have something good to look forward to, something positive. And this just seemed perfect for that," NRHEG Elementary Family Services Coordinator, Breanna Bethke said. With more than 1,000 sticky notes already on the great wall of gratitude, they are working toward a positive mindset. "Having that mindset is something kids can learn to control. And I think it is one of the most powerful things in our control, which is our mindset," Krohn said. 

For each child, it is a way to share the little to big things that they are grateful for. "A lot of times too when I walk by with the kids, I will ask them what they put up on the wall and they just love sharing just little stories about their family or their pets or things that they are grateful for," Bethke said. To the students in charge of it all, "Amazing," said Hunter, that is how it makes him feel. 

"It's such a small thing that we are doing, it was really very a simple idea to just share your gratitude, but it can make such a big difference on your day," Bethke said. Making a big difference that all of us can join in on. "These kids are being mindful and grateful. We need to be mindful and grateful too," Krohn said. She says to remember, "What we can control. And that is our mindset."

This project will last a few more weeks and would not have been possible without the help from the local non-profit, Finly's Wings at Work. 

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