New bench dedicated to former city council member

(ABC 6 News) – For over a decade, Denny Hanson helped shape the Med City and serve its people as a city council member. When he passed away in 2012, the city dedicated a bench in his name in Peace Plaza.

Ten years later, that bench was damaged and needed to be replaced. But, instead of just replacing it, the city also decided to move it to a place where local government happens every day.

Wednesday’s ceremony to honor the late council member was short and sweet and filled with a lot of laughs. Just how Denny would have wanted it.

“Dennis was full of laughs, he was the clown of everything. He liked to be the center of attention,” said Linda Hanson Denny’s wife.

Denny loved to make people laugh but what he loved most was serving the people of Rochester. He served the city from 1999 until he past away in 2012. First as a city council member for Rochester’s first ward and then as city council president. During that time council members say he was always willing to lend anyone.

“Well I think it’s a reminder to people about service. And I think it’s a reminder at city hall that he was here, and that you can sit and rest. I know when I come in the office I’ll sit here and think about something or make some phone calls and think about him,” said City Council Member Shaun Palmer.

Several members of Denny’s family were at the dedication, and said he would be honored that he left such an impression, and that his legacy is living on.

“This was perfect for him. It’s a perfect bench in a perfect spot. And I’m sure his looking down saying thank you, thank you, thank you,” said Linda.

Many people attended Wednesday’s ceremony. Friends and family of Denny, both former and current city council members, Mayor Norton and even former Mayors Brede and Dewey Day attended the ceremony.