Neighbors in Albert Lea speak out following a home invasion

Created: November 07, 2019 10:42 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- After a home invasion in a quiet Albert Lea community, neighbors are speaking out. 

"I think maybe we should all get together and maybe look out for each other," said one neighbor in the area.


Others along 8th Avenue North said this type of thing doesn't happen, especially since most of the residents are older and retired. One woman said she's lived in the area for eight years and that the community is pretty safe.

"Everybody around here has dogs," said the neighbor.

During the early morning hours of November 6, a couple was sleeping when intruders woke them up at the foot of their bed, according to police documents.

"A couple was sleeping at the time, and two individuals broke into the house, there's physical damage to the entryway. And they assaulted at least one of the parties involved and demanded money from them," said J.D. Carlson, the Albert Lea Director of Public Saftey.

Most of the homes are fairly close to each other, but after looking around the area for witnesses authorities found nothing.

"I did not hear anything until they were knocking on my door," said another neighbor. 

She was able to recall moments from that night because she assisted the victims after the incident took place. When asked what state the victims were in when they approached her home, she said they were traumatized. 

"Scared, um very very scared. Half dressed since they were dragged out of bed. I had to find clothes for the girl because she just had a blanket wrapped around her," said the neighbor.

Carlson says he doesn't believe the incident should cause fear in the community, but there is a description of who may be involved.

"The gentleman would have been rather short, however heavy for his height. I think it said 300 lbs," said Carlson. 

Anyone with any information is advised to contact the Albert Lea Police Department.

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