Monarch Video Goes Viral on Social Media, Showing Impact of Native Plants

September 04, 2019 07:00 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- This video is making the rounds on twitter, showing a massive amount of monarch butterflies swirling around a farm in Southern Minnesota.

Those butterflies were attracted to the tens of thousands of native flowers planted there, specifically the Meadow Blazing Star.


"This plant I will go on record as saying is the monarch butterflies favorite,” said Rochester Resident Greg Munson. 

Munson got his plant from local wildflower producer and native plant landscaper Dustin Demmer.

Demmer planted over 4,000 Meadow Blazing Stars on his family farm in Clarks Grove. 

"These plants are nice to look at. You also see more pollinators, you see more insects, you see more songbirds,” said Demmer.

Recently, he posted a Twitter video that brought a lot of attention to his work.

"What you are seeing in that video is a roost around dusk kind of getting scared up and flying around. It's a really cool sight to see,” he said.

It has gotten thousands of likes. 

"It has been positive feedback to see so many people liking the video and sharing it and saying they really enjoy seeing that sight that not too many people see anymore,” he said.

But he said it doesn’t have to be a rare sight. 

"This sight can really happen on any piece of property whether it is downtown Minneapolis, or rural America or even the suburbs of Rochester. Where if you plant native plants you will immediately see more pollinators, more insects more birds,” he said.

Which can start with homeowners like Munson adding more native flowers to their gardens. 

"I've had up to 10 butterflies on this one stalk,” said Munson. “For some reason even at my age seeing monarch butterflies thrills me.”

In a region that is always growing, planting native flowers can help monarchs soar. 

"As Rochester expands all of these new developments are putting in landscaping and they have a choice. They can continue to do the traditional daylilies and European grasses which don't really support many of these pollinators or they can choose to do native landscaping which supports pollinators, which supports birds and also looks really nice,” said Demmer.


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