MN DNR: Pheasant numbers increase this year

(ABC 6 News) – This year, there is a significant higher amount of pheasants in the state of Minnesota than there was last year.

The weather has had an influence on the increase in pheasants. Drier conditions in several woodlands over the past few months have also contributed increase.

Tim Lyons works at the Minnesota DNR as an Upland Game Research Scientist. He explains what the impact of the drier conditions can do.

“A lot of the habitat we have for pheasants tends to be along wetlands or near small streams cause that’s the land that’s protected. You get a lot of rain, those areas can flood out, and you can see that birds just can’t pull off successful nests or they’re really delayed.”

When hunting season kicks off on October 15, it may be a little difficult to find some them because they do like to hide in farmland.

Due to cooler weather to start this spring that delayed growing season, there will be more crops to make it harder to spot pheasants. According to the Minnesota DNR.

South central and southwest Minnesota have had the highest counts for pheasants this year.