Parents Go Through Dyslexia Simulation

(ABC 6 News) – Parents in Rochester got to experience what life with dyslexia in a classroom setting is like.

The Reading Center held a ‘Dyslexia Simulation’ event. Dividing participants into four groups, to simulate four different subjects.

Teachers in the simulation were told to teach a class at what is considered a regular pace for students. But the parents where all given specific obstacles, similar to what a student with dyslexia would deal with.

Kelly Turner said that at the beginning of the simulation, everyone in the “classroom” felt fine. But by the end, there was some tension between the parents in the simulation and the those acting as the teachers.

“In these simulations, we’re giving them that opportunity to feel the stress and what the individual with dyslexia fells like under pressure.” Turner said.

It’s estimated that dyslexia effects one in ten people.

The Reading Center says if you believe your child is suffering from dyslexia, to have them tested by a doctor.