Miken worker reacts to fire

(ABC 6 News) – A factory that once made sports equipment used across the country was turned into a pile of rubble in a matter of hours on Saturday Oct. 14. Now, Miken factory workers are unsure if they will ever return.

On Saturday morning, one of the buildings on the Miken property went up in flames. Now, reduced to warped metal and charred softballs.

Andrea Farver worked at Miken Sports for six years “Initially, it didn’t really seem real. As days go by, it seems really sad. I have really sad moments,” said Farver.

Miken Sports has been a staple of Caledonia for decades making world-renowned softball and baseball equipment.

“I went up there while it was on fire. Like I said it seemed really surreal like it wasn’t actually happening,” said Farver.

“I have not been back there since. I know sooner or later I’m going to have to go and face it,” said Farver.

Some locals drove by on Monday to see what is left of the town icon. One person said even though some of the operations have been moved overseas, Miken still means a lot to the community.

Farver agrees. “The whole community is really supportive of the company up there. It’s a town treasure everyone is really happy to have that name here,” she said.

Farver is unsure if she’ll ever return to Miken for work again, but her memories are keeping her spirits up. she adds, “I made a lot of memories there, a lot of friends, I grew as a person there. So, it’s a huge loss.”

Monday afternoon the building was still smoldering. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.