The Rochester Night Market is back in downtown this summer

(News 6) – The Rochester Night Market is back in downtown this summer. The event is based off the night markets that are traditionally seen in Asia around temples and popular public places. Food and craft vendors, most with Asian influence, gathered across the street from the Civic Theater for tonights event that is designed to showcase the Asian community.

"I think it’s super important to be represented. So when I first moved here to Rochester from Taiwan five years ago I thought it was a majority white community until I dug deeper and found out that this community is actually super diverse. And we have a lot of fun things, under the radar things that people don’t know about. So, I think its important to have an event like this to bring everyone to the surface so everyone and learn, enjoy and have fun," said founder of the night market Tiffany Alexandria.

The night market will be held every other Saturday until September 10th from 4p.m. to 10p.m. and will feature new vendors and every event.