Southeastern Minnesota hit with severe storms

(ABC 6 News) – Saturday afternoon southeastern Minnesota was hit with severe thunderstorms that brought damaging winds and lots and lots of rain.

In Rochester, the heavy rain made lowered visibility behind the wheel. The wind made the rain sift across the roadways, and were so strong it knocked over trees in peoples yards and onto the roads.

West of Rochester in Claremont, similar damage was done. The storm left an aftermath of big tree limbs scattered on the ground. The rain leaving giant puddles on Main St.

“It just got dark real quick and then the rain started coming in from the west and then swirled around from the north and then to the east. It was kinda cool it was just like snow coming off the roof,” said Claremont resident Andy Zaharia who was at work just outside of Owatonna when the storms hit. Zaharia added that when he got home there was more than an inch of water in his rain gauge.