RPS hosts summer STEM camp

(ABC 6 News) – For three days this week, Rochester public school’s summer classes were taught by Winona State teacher candidates.

The candidates have their classroom placements this fall in Rochester and as part of their course work, they are planning three days of instruction on anything science technology engineering, and math.

STEM Camp is a summer enrichment program offered by WSU’s Rochester Education Department in partnership with Riverside Central Elementary School and Gage Elementary School.

“Getting kids immersed in these kinds of experiences introduce kids into the idea of alright these are complex challenges. Like we need to think differently than maybe were normally used to and just giving kids a couple of extra days experience in that it’s a value add for everyone,” said WSU Adjunct instructor Matt Weyers.

Courses are designed and facilitated by students in the online Rochester Elementary Education K – Grade 6 program, the Graduate Induction Program, as well as recent graduates of each program.

“After taking classes this summer our first summer part of the master’s program being able to apply what we learn and really see it in action benefits the students that were working with,” Jenna Schrankler, Graduate Induction Program student said.

“Watching children discover things and have those light bulb aha moments is one of the most grateful things I have in this program. You can really tell when a student is engaged and excited about what they are doing,” Sabrina Mayol, Graduate Induction Program student said.

The kids are spending their time at camp working on various experiments.

The camp runs for 3 days at Riverside Elementary and Gage Elementary each summer.