Rochester man receives probation after shooting at a group of hunters

(ABC 6 News) – A Rochester man charged with chasing and shooting at a group of hunters has been sentenced to probation.

64-year-old Paul Reichel was sentenced in Olmsted County District Court to 3 years probation with 365 days stayed while on probation, he was also credited with 3 days of time served.

In June, Reichel pleaded guilty to two counts of harassment – reasonable fear of substantial bodily harm. As part of the plea deal, four counts of 2nd-degree assault and two counts of dangerous weapons – drive by shooting toward occupied motor vehicle or building were dismissed.

According to court documents, on New Years Day three men were hunting in the area of the 31000 block of County Rd. 67 near Elgin, they pulled over to shoot at a pheasant when a woman began yelling at them, telling them to leave.

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The men complied, got into their vehicle and were driving away when a truck came up behind them and they pulled over to let it pass. That’s when police said Reichel pulled in front of their vehicle, blocking the road, got out of his truck and pointed a rifle at them.

The men began driving away when Reichel fired several at them. They continued to drive away and Reichel began chasing them, at times reaching nearly 100 mph. The men were eventually able to get away from Reichel and called authorities.