New one of a kind exhibit opening in SPARK

(ABC 6 News) – A new exhibit is coming to SPARK Children’s Museum, it’s called SPARK City.

The newest exhibit at SPARK features multiple hands-on interactive exhibits situated in 800 square feet of stunning city-like landscapes.

Like any city, this one has a lot going on: power plants, water systems, traffic jams, weather patterns, layout planning and of course, lots of neighbors who call this place home.

Visitors of SPARK City will realize through hands-on play that the Building a Smarter City exhibit is one giant, interconnected game. Each of the city’s systems affects the others and changing one thing may have unintended consequences.

They can learn about the environment and how it impacts us as well as make the residents happy.

“Not one kid can solve the city and the city won’t ever be solvable it will just be a living breathing entity, and things will happen there will be problems there will be disasters, but all of the kids have to work together in the stations and use their minds to say Oh I see a tube that is red there is a disaster,” Creative Director of Digital Design Services, Monica Knutson said.

The city has two bikes to help kids learn about making a positive impact on the environment.

There are also construction costumes so kids can play the part.

“It gives the chance to feel what the environment is doing at any given time and have an impact on it and by simple touch and kinetic motions learn that what they do has an impact ultimately on the environment and on the community,” President of Digital Design Services, Joe Rugoswski said.