Learn the art of curling outdoors at the Olmsted County Fair

(ABC 6 News) – Are you  looking for an activity to beat the heat?

The Curling Club of Rochester is offering lessons at the Olmsted County Fair.

Thirty minutes to two hour sessions will be offered throughout the week in the Grand 4 Building.

A typical curling season is October through March, so team members are excited for an opportunity to expose people to the game before the cold sets in.

“I think my favorite thing with the community it is just very welcoming. I’ve curled with people that are eight-years-old all the way up to 80-years-old, so it’s very accessible. If you’re afraid of crouching down, we can definitely accommodate that and have you have a good time,” Rochester Curling Club President Kaisey Ackerman said.

The club will be holding a tournament Jul. 28-30 if you want to pick up a broom or watch all the action.