Ironwood Springs hosts ‘Fun in the Sun Family Autism Camp’

(ABC 6 News) – Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch in Stewartville is hosting what they call ‘fun in the sun family autism camps’ where families get to participate in all kinds of summer-themed activities like zip=lining, water activities, arts and crafts and laser tag.

“It’s just a magical week, a magical experience for families because we have returning campers and we also have new campers. But, this community is so tight it’s wonderful to see people reconnect after they haven’t seen each other and it is almost as if they were family,” said Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch Program Director Matthew Van Dixon.

Staff say the mission is to increase awareness of autism and advocate for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.

Ironwood Springs has a full year of event-based experiences including a fall-themed event in October.