Austin Area Chamber of Commerce host 36th Chamber Ag Appreciation summer cookout

(ABC 6 News) – Normally, farmers gather at the Mower County fairgrounds to show off their prized livestock and crops, but today they gathered there for a different reason.

The Austin Area Chamber of Commerce Agribusiness Committee hosted the 36th Chamber Ag Appreciation Summer Cookout.

The event honors all the work that the Mower County farmers do for the community and inspires the next generation of farmers as well.

Mower County is one of the leading producers of corn and soybeans in the state of Minnesota and is a huge part of the local economy.

“There’s a lot of opportunities for people in terms of companies that here within Mower County as well as people who put on programs like this. So, Mower County is a leader in Minnesota Agriculture,” said agriculture instructor at Riverland Community College and Austin Area High School Nick Schildz.

Farmers haven’t been immune to the inflation problems across the nation. So, that’s why events like this one are so important.

Schildz says Mower County numbers are similar to the national numbers as roughly 50 percent of the population works within the agriculture, food, and natural resource business.

“Mower County has a very large ag contingency. And so an event like this showcases how many people go into making our food and processing it. The chance to connect rurally and with also residential people” added Schildz.

The proceeds from today’s event will go towards local organizations and farmers like Mower County 4H, corn and soybean farmers and so many more.