Keeping pets safe in summer heat

(ABC 6 News) – If you’re overheated, there’s a good chance your pet is too.

When it comes to keeping your pet safe outdoors, there are your normal tips like not leaving them alone in the car. But some of their safety depends on what breed they are.

For example, animals with flat faces like pugs and Persian cats. They can’t pant as effectively and are more prone to heat stroke. Those pets along with the elderly, overweight, or those with heart and lung disease should be in air-controlled rooms as much as possible.

“Body temperature is rising and so they’re panting in order to get rid of that,” said Ricky Walther, the Chief Medical Officer at Pawlicy Advisor.

“We often don’t realize we get rid of heat through sweating, they don’t. So they have to pant and that requires a lot of energy on their part so they can easily overheat more like we do.”

When you do come indoors from a hot day, don’t put your pet into an ice bath to try and cool them down immediately. Instead, give them some wet cloths.

With summer weather comes summer storms. For those who might get scared during a storm, Walther said it all starts with a visit to the vet. Because those anxious stormy summer nights might be a bigger issue that needs to be addressed. 

“Often times I’ll recommend that owners set up a vet appointment to discuss anxiety with their veterinarian. There are quite a few different anxiety medications that we can use if we deem your pet is needing those medications versus other medications that are calming supplements. They work, but I tell clients they’re not going to work in dogs exhibiting true anxiety.”

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