UPDATE: Harmony looking to raise funds for splash pad

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Updated: November 15, 2019 02:17 PM
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(ABC 6 News) -  Harmony Splash Pad group updated its Facebook page saying that they raised over $25,000 in one day during Give to the Max.



(ABC 6 News) - We are closer to sledding season than swimming season, but Harmony is looking ahead to warmer days.

While staying cool is hardly a problem right now, when warm weather hits, Harmony residents have nowhere to go.

"Some of our surrounding communities have rivers or streams and we don't have that in Harmony,” said Melissa Vander Plas, Director of the Harmony Area Chamber of Commerce.turning 

While funding a pool is currently out of the question for the small town, a splash pad could be on the horizon.

"We have several grandmas that have been very interested in it and lots of young families,” said Sandy Strozyk, Splash Pad Committee Member.

They assembled a committee, touring models in nearby towns and figuring out the funding.

"The equipment itself depending on which equipment we choose would be 30 to 40 thousand. Then, we'd need some engineering, water sewer work which is estimated at this time at maybe 15 to 20 thousand,” said Strozyk.

That funding won’t be coming from taxpayers.

"City budgets are tight, school budgets are tight. Any kind of government budget has constraints. This is just something the people and the families of town really would like. The best way to do it is just raise the funds and not have to rely on taxpayer dollars,” said Strozyk.

Instead, they are asking everyone to donate what they can.

"We've raised approximately $5,000 already so we've got a start," she said.

They hope the fundraising efforts ramp up on Give to the Max Day on November 14th. Local businesses have stepped up to match donations.

"A dollar for every three dollars given will be matched by First Southeast Bank of Harmony up to 1,500 dollars and also 1,500 dollars matched by Harmony Enterprises," she said.

When they raise enough money, they hope to install the splash pad at the Trail Head Park.

"We do have a lot of activity going on right here in this area of town with the visitor’s center right here and then the grain elevator project starting. With the splash pad it just shows Harmony is beginning to grow and move forward," said Vander Plas.

For those interested, there are multiple ways to donate to the splash pad.

1. Online: using your credit or debit card.

2. Write a check to HACF mail to PO Box 342 Harmony or deliver to Steve Donney’s o?ce at 17 Center Street East on or before November 14th.

For more information, the Harmony Splash Pad has a Facebook page here.

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