Getting Ready for the Barbie Movie

(ABC 6 NEWS) – The time has almost come to go to Barbieland. One of the highest anticipated films of the year releases Wednesday to select theatres across the country.

Wearing pink has its perks.

“If they wear a little bit of pink, they get the bucket refill for 99 cents, and if they wear all pink, they can get a free refill,” Jason Herber, General Manager of Odyssey Hollywood 12 said.

No matter where you look, Barbie is getting a lot of attention.

From The Mall of America Pop Up Closet, to the actual recreation of Barbie’s Dreamhouse in Malibu, now more than ever, people are looking to escape into a fictional world that we’ve all wanted to see for so long.

“I remember the Barbie and the Kens and all that with my moms daycare, all the craze there. I swear every kid had a Barbie doll,” Herber said.

Cinemagic Hollywood 12 is expecting to see an influx of Barbie and Kens over the next few days.

“A lot of the bigger hits come out in the summertime, like we see with Barbie this weekend,” Herber said.

And at Marcus Theatres in Rochester, the party’s already starting.

Their event is called Barbie Blowout Party.

“I think it’s a time to be joyful. It’s a summer of great blockbuster movies and pink is the color to do it in,” Pamela Henson, Marketing and Communications Director for Marcus Theatres said.

Barbie and Kens who attend that wear pink get cotton candy and more.

Pamela says going to Barbieland is worth it!

“I think that trip back to memory lane at whatever point that was during your life is done so special,” Henson said.

And we have to talk about Barbenheimer.

Oppenheimer and Barbie. Two films, two different worlds.

Pamela says 46 percent of Marcus Theatres Magical Movie Reward Members have purchased tickets for a double feature.

“I think its going to be a blast to go back to back. But you know what, do Barbie one day and the next day do Oppenheimer,” Henson said.

“It’s cool to see two different movies. One is goofy and the other is serious,” Herber said.

It’s the summer of being back at the movies, just remember to go and have a good time.