Gamez & More store to move out of Apache Mall

Updated: January 03, 2020 09:30 AM
Created: January 02, 2020 10:26 PM

(ABC 6 News)-- After eight years in business Chad Thompson could be saying game over.

The game store owner posted to their Facebook that on January 31, 2020, the store will be leaving Apache Mall.


"I've always wanted to open up a store myself and my wife said you either get rid of the stuff or you open up your store like what you wanted to do," said Thompson.

The store started as a home business with the Thompsons selling items on e-bay. In 2012 they opened a store at a strip mall in Byron where they remained for five in a half years.

"The first couple of years, were tough I mean I was actually working two jobs and keeping the store up just to keep it going," said Thompson, but then an opportunity to expand presented itself.

He took a leap of faith when he saw that a former store in the mall, Cut Above Home, was leaving. Thompson nabbed the space in the Rochester mall with 4,000 square feet, a room to sell merchandise and a separate gaming room.

While Thompson thought he had found the perfect location he signed a floating lease instead of a long term lease, meaning a year to year contract that could be broken at any time. Two years after opening his business in the mall, that time has come.

"For a couple of months the mall has been having people coming and looking and within those months' time, the conversation has always been back and forth. That is, okay what is going on," said Thompson.

He said his lease did indicate that at any point the mall could decide to move a store to another location or replace it completely, and even though he knew it was a possibility Thompson said he didn't get a real answer from the mall until about a month ago.

As he and his wife Brenda Thompson explained,  the mall allegedly broke their lease about five months early. Thompson says their year doesn't technically end until June, but the mall decided to end it sooner to make room for the Rochester's Children's Museum.

"I literally got a response at the beginning of December saying it's happening," said Thompson.

Although Thompson says they weren't offered any type of compensation for their lease being broken, he and his family are trying to remain optimistic but the thought of possibly closing for good weighs heavy on his mind.

"It gets very emotional because it's heart-wrenching for me because I've had it so long and for it to be closed down. It gets me," said Thompson.

The family is actively looking for a new space in the Rochester area, with some of the same qualities as the current space they are in. Thompson says the mall did offer them a chance to relocate inside the mall but the space was significantly smaller, ranging at about 2,000 sq. ft. compared to the 4,000 the game store currently resides in.

In the weeks to come as their deadline moves closer, Thompson said if they are unable to find a new location by mid-January, the store will have a flash sale and try to get rid of as much as they can without taking a complete loss.

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