Local Entrepreneur Sets Sight on New Business Venture

October 13, 2018 10:56 PM

(ABC 6 News)-- They say that necessity is the mother of invention and that is absolutely true for one Rochester entrepreneur.

The need for a new calendar drove Edward Cohen out of retirement and into a new career path.


"I was sitting at my desk on a frosty February day. I pulled out a straight edge, I pulled out a large sheet of paper and in less than one hour, I had sketched out the original design,” said Edward.

Now, Edward designs his calendars on a talking black and white computer.  

"This is the only screen formatting I can see," said Edward.

Edward was born with a degenerative retinal disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa.

"Besides the steals your peripheral vision and greatly reduces your light gathering ability," said Edward.

Edward is legally blind and while that has never stopped him, it does make some daily tasks difficult. For example, writing in a calendar.

"The print wasn't large enough or it was a color other than black or the page was filled with information that I neither could see nor could use because it was too small," said Edward.

That’s why he founded EZ2See Products and created a calendar that he could use and share with others who have a difficult time seeing. 

The calendars have large spaces and minimal writing on each page.

"This is usually what produces the wow when people see it, cause they've never see anything that had this much space and this clean of a design," said Edward.

So far he has created four different editions and sold over 3,000 calendars at about 20 dollars each.

Edward says this covers the cost of making the product and has even turned a profit.

He says there is no other product out there like his.

"If there were, I would buy it and I would have my retired life back," said Edward.

Until then, he will continue creating calendars year after year.  

"The feedback is what keeps me doing it," said Edward.

Online people share testimonials like this one from Mary Tualatin in Oregon:

"Your product is great and has given my husband his "freedom" back – he knows when his appointments are without needing to ask anyone. He loves being in control of his schedule and life," wrote Mary.

"It gives me chills to hear that such a simple product can make a real difference in someone's life," said Edward.


Talia Milavetz

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