Chick Project Marks A New Season

April 24, 2018 07:11 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- It’s a reminder that everything has its season … even if it seems like that season will never end.

"It's like Christmas or anything else ... it's hard to wait for" Ellen Verdoorn said.


After a long, snowy winter, there are signs that spring has sprung ... if you just know where to look. The robins are back, soon the trees will be budding out, and before you know it, there will be chickens.

"In 17 more days, they'll hatch” kindergartener Connor told us.

I's become a springtime tradition at Woodson kindergarten center in Austin.

“The Egg to Chick project is part of our science curriculum," teacher Ellen Verdoorn said.

"A chick after four days. It's what it would look like inside” kindergartener Connor explained, showing us an oversized book detailing the life of a chicken.

“And it allows us to expand more into life cycles," teacher Ellen Verdoorn said.

"We are reading books about them and talking about them and doing crafts about them," kindergartener Addi said.

And they’re counting the days until the eggs being warmed in an incubator in the school office become tiny chicks.

"It looks like this when it hatches” kindergartener Connor said, showing us a photo of a wet newly-hatched chick.

“But then you have to clean them off and they'll puff up and be cute" Addi explained.

“And then we take those chicks and they do get to visit the classroom and the children learn the different parts of them, where the egg tooth was on the chick” teacher Ellen Verdoorn said. “And within a few days those chicks go to a farm that can take care of them, and so they continue that life cycle on the farm. “

And there are some things the chicks and the kids at Woodson have in common: “I think the Egg to Chick project is one way to say see how they change? so are you."



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