Sudanese refinery resumes full operations after ‘sabotage’

CAIRO (AP) — An oil refinery in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum resumed operations following a brief halt due to an act of “sabotage” on one of its pipelines, state-run media said on Monday.

According to the SUNA news agency, the pipeline was “forced to stop for a limited period due to sabotage of the crude carrier line.” The report did not elaborate when the purported sabotage took place or what it entailed. It said all pipelines were back working now, it said.

The report comes as Sudan’s ruling generals and the pro-democracy movement’s main factions continue negotiations toward finding a political settlement.

Sudan’s fragile democratic transition was upended by a military coup last October when the ruling generals led by Gen. Abdel-Fattah Burhan wiped away the civilian half of the country’s power-sharing government following three decades of repressive Islamist rule under Omar Al-Bashir.

The fallout has seen pro-democracy marches that have been ruthlessly suppressed by the Sudanese security forces. Since the military takeover, Sudan has seen a sharp uptick in deadly tribal clashes across the country’s neglected peripheries that have killing hundreds in recent months.

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