Beyond the PRO Act event discusses reproductive rights

(ABC 6 News) – With Governor Walz signing the PRO Act, two more bills are making their way through the legislature to ensure reproductive rights in Minnesota.

The first bill in question, is the Reproductive Freedom Codification Act.

Removing restrictions for those wanting an abortion, like access to family planning and fertility services.

Jess Braverman was one of the speakers who talked about the act and she said, “You can have a constitution that provides you with a right to abortion care, but what does that mean if there’s then all these restrictions passed that make it really difficult to actually access that care.”

The next bill up for discussion is the Reproductive Freedom Defense Act. Protecting the privacy of those getting reproductive healthcare. This would protect anyone seeking an abortion from any legal consequences.

A bill members of the Republican Party are not on board with.

“We know that it’s gonna happen, they’re going to come here now, Minnesota is gonna be the go to place for abortions,” Chairman of the Olmsted County Republican Party Jim Kachmarzinski said.

Republicans don’t agree on removing restrictions to getting an abortion as well.

Both bills are still making their way through the legislature.

Another topic that was up for discussion was proposing a constitutional amendment to protect abortion rights.

With DFLs holding a majority in the House and Senate, it’s going to be something to monitor as those discussions heat up.