Austin Family Questioning Fatal Shooting of Family Dogs

May 25, 2018 08:21 PM

(ABC 6 News) - A Mower County Sheriff's Deputy shot and killed two dogs Thursday after he said the dogs became aggressive.

Law enforcement said they received a call around 10:45 a.m. of three dogs that had escaped their enclosure and reportedly bit a 62-year-old man who was mowing his lawn in a subdivision just east of the Austin Country Club.


The man told law enforcement he got the dogs to back-off by punching and kicking them.  Law enforcement said he declined medical treatment since the bite did not puncture his skin.

Mower County Chief Deputy Mark May said a deputy then went to the dogs' home and said that when he was getting out of his car two dogs ran at him, barking aggressively and snapping their jaws.  

The deputy reported that one of the dogs lunged at him, which prompted him to shoot, and that the second dog continued to chase him which is why he shot a second time.

"Basically the deputy thought the animals were a threat to his safety at that time and rather than get attacked by them, he destroyed the dogs and they were very close to him at that time," May said.

May said the situation was "unfortunate" but that the deputy followed protocol and using a taser would not have worked because the dogs were two feet away.

May said the dog owners, Jason Brossoit and Melissa Placek, will not be cited and will not face any charges.

Brossoit and Placek told ABC 6 News their 8-year-old Mastiff mix named Harley and 8-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier named Buddy were not aggressive dogs and they have no idea how they could have escaped.

Both have questioned the need for the deputy to shoot the dogs instead of using another non-lethal response.

"I left work about 2:30, got home around 3, just had the deputy's card in the mailbox and knew that two of my dogs were missing. The rest of the dogs were in their fenced-in enclosure," Placek said.

Placek said it appears the dogs tore through the fence, behavior she said is not normal.

"In order for them to want to get through something or anything like that, somebody had to have been there that shouldn't have been there," she said.

Placek is left wondering how to explain what happened to her three young kids.

"Just took their lives in their own yard and left their bullet casings for my children to see, and the pools of blood," she said.

According to May, the dogs' bodies were removed so the family would not come home to see them.


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