Local Residents React to New Anti-Bullying Law

October 12, 2017 11:02 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- A city in New York has passed a law that could send parents to jail if their child is a bully, but there are mixed feelings about whether it will work or not.

"We should be liable and held responsible because a lot of parents don't really see that it is a very serious situation for some children,” said Lisa Ross.


According to "The Buffalo News" website, parents could serve up to 15 days in jail and have to pay a $250 fine, but there are some who do not agree this could work.

"I just don't see it solving much. I see more problems arising from the situation. I mean how can a parent deal with their child if they're in jail," said Tracy Coshenet.

"Sometimes they become bullies just to fit in with their friends. It's not the parent's fault I would say," said Neila Vele.

"In order for kids to learn from their mistakes early on, they have to, you know, be able to be punished and understand why what they did was wrong," said Karina Segedy.

The new anti-bully law went into effect in North Tonawanda, New York in response to juvenile violence earlier this year.

"They’re not taking actions for what their kids are bringing to school which is supposed to be a safe environment for everyone. So yes if it's an ongoing issue," said Maurice Cain.

"It's actually helping bring awareness too if there [are] situations that their child is having. It may not be something that they recognize without someone else acknowledging it," said Ross. 

Regardless, most people say it's a hard topic that needs to be solved.

"I think brainstorming and coming together as a community. More awareness, more interaction with your children, more family related things done together. Just know who your kids are hanging out with," said Coshenet.

"It's one of those things where if we all join together and realize it's no tolerance, I believe we can accomplish a lot more," said Ross.

ABC 6 News checked in with the North Tonawanda Police Department and the person we spoke to said so far, he didn't know of anyone who had been arrested under the new law.


Roxanne Elias

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