UPDATE: Court Documents Describe Moments Leading up to Fatal Shooting

UPDATE: Court Documents Describe Moments Leading up to Fatal Shooting

January 17, 2018 05:57 PM

(ABC 6 News) - The man police say shot and killed 17-year-old Muhammad Rahim over the weekend has been granted a conditional release on a $75,000 bond.

Alexander Weiss appeared in court Wednesday morning to face charges of 2nd Degree Murder. He did not enter a plea. 


During the hearing, Weiss' attorney stated his client was homeschooled in Olmsted County, was an Eagle Scout, attended school at RCTC and volunteered for the Boys & Girls Club. Weiss is also a referee for youth basketball and lacrosse. 

As part of his release, Weiss is required to turn over any and all guns, remain in Minnesota and stay in contact with his lawyer. A judge has yet to be assigned to the case. As a result, it's unknown as to when he's due back in court. 

Rahim's family did not appear to be in court Wednesday morning. Weiss' family declined to talk to the media. 

According to court documents, both Weiss and a passenger in Rahim's car describe an altercation following a car accident on 31st St. NE Sunday morning.

Weiss told police the victim's car was traveling too fast for road conditions and crashed into the curb, and that he had driven by and stopped when Rahim backed into him.

Weiss claims at that point a male passenger in Rahim's car got out and began yelling and swearing at him.  Weiss claims he told the passenger he was going to call the police and the passenger began walking toward him threatening to beat him up.

According to Weiss, he told the passenger to stop so that they could "get the situation sorted out."  That's when he told police he became fearful for his safety and went back to his car to grab his phone and gun.

Weiss told police he put the gun in his right front pants pocket and allegedly told the passenger he had a gun on him and that he should not "do anything stupid."  He then said the passenger continued to walk toward him, getting as close as 10 feet from him when he pulled out the gun and held it at his side, muzzle pointing down.

Weiss told police that sometime during the altercation with the passenger Rahim had moved his car to the other side of the street and got out.

According to Weiss, Rahim then became confrontational telling him he had caused the accident and threatening to beat him up.  Weiss claims he backed up toward his car but that Rahim continued to walk towards him, got within a few inches of his face and shoved him in the chest.

Weiss told police he then pulled the gun out of his pocket, pointed it at the ground and said, "Stop, I will detain you until the police arrive if I have to."  Weiss told police Rahim then said "that's not even a real gun" and spat at him.  

Weiss said he continued to back up and tell Rahim to stop when Rahim reached out to touch the gun.  That's when Weiss told police he shot Rahim.  He told police he then put the gun back into his pocket and called 911.

Weiss also described seeing a red car drive by at the time of the shooting. 

Police did make contact with that driver who described seeing two men facing each other about  2-3 feet apart in the roadway.  The witness told police the victim was not touching Weiss, was not raising a fist at him or walking toward him when they saw Weiss pull out a gun and shoot. 

The witness told police they drove away from the scene and flagged down a nearby officer, pointing them in the direction of The Square on 31st and Olympik Village Apartments.

That officer was the first on scene and described seeing two women and two men in the roadway.  One of the men approached the officer and identified Weiss as the shooter.

The officer ordered Weiss to the ground, handcuffed him and brought him to a squad.  

Another officer arrived on scene at that time and began administering medical aid to Rahim.

The passenger in Rahim's vehicle told police after both vehicles collided Weiss got out of his vehicle "as if he wished to fight" and that both he and Rahim got out of the car and began yelling at Weiss about fighting them.

The passenger told police that after Weiss returned from his vehicle Rahim got "very close" to the suspect and puffed out his chest with his hands down.  The passenger said at this point Weiss pulled out a gun and pointed it at Rahim.  

The passenger said Rahim responded by saying, "I f*****g dare you to do it" then Weiss shot him in the chest.

The passenger told police that neither he or Rahim made any physical contact with Weiss, but did admit that both he and Rahim were speaking and standing in an aggressive manner. 

The passenger also told police neither of them was armed.


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