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2020: A year of civil unrest

Created: December 30, 2020 09:42 AM

(ABC 6 News) - Protesting and the demand for justice is not a new concept in America, but in 2020 unrest took over the world.

As the year ends, we recap the many events that led to protests, riots, looting, and chaos across the United States and beyond it.

In January, while Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar was campaigning for Presidency, protestors took the stage at one of her rallies demanding she drop out of the race. Many demanded that she take responsibility for her involvement in the conviction of then 16-year-old Myon Burrell was serving a life sentence for Tyesha Edwards's death. 

The world heard about Ahmaud Arbery's death more than two months after it happened on February 23. The 25-year old was seen on a cell phone video running in a neighborhood. Father and son Gregory and Travis McMichael allegedly armed themselves after spotting Arbery, followed him in their truck, then shot and killed him.

In March, Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in her home during a no-knock search warrant in Louisville, Kentucky. Officials said Taylor was allegedly living in a home where drugs were thought to have been involved. The officers that shot her claimed they were returning fire from shots allegedly fired by Taylor's boyfriend. Only one out of the three officers involved in the shooting was charged, but the charges were not related to Taylor's death. Demands for justice have continued throughout the year.

Daniel Prude also died in March. Prude's brother said he was dealing with a mental health crisis. Officers said Prude began to spit at them and got aggressive. A spit hood was placed over his head and body camera footage shows the officers pinning Prude to the ground. He died a week later in the hospital.

In April, the disturbing death of soldier Vanessa Guillen caused protests against the military. People from across Minnesota traveled to Rochester to protest the state shutdown in an event called "Operation Gridlock." The protestors drove around the city government center demanding help from President Trump to end the lockdown.

On May 25, George Floud died while in Minneapolis police custody. The cell phone video went viral, showing officers Derek Chauvin with his knee on Floyd's neck for nearly nine minutes while Floyd cried out that he could not breathe. Three other officers stood by. After Floyd's death, protests, riots, marches, and looting took over Minnesota. 

A police precinct was burned down, stores were broken into and looted. For days the streets were overtaken by people asking for change. It didn't take long for those protests to erupt in other cities and states, and then other countries as well.

On June 1, Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed by Georgia police officers after he wrestled a stun gun away from one of them in a fast-food parking lot. Brooks was seen on the dash camera video running away from officers and pointing the stun gun at them just before the shots were fired.

More protests continue throughout July, and then Jacob Blake was shot while walking away from officers in Kenosha, WI. 

On August 23, officers were called to what appeared on cell phone video as an altercation. Reports said that a scuffle took place between Blake and officers, but then Blake got up and started to walk around his car. Officers followed with their guns drawn, and as Blake opened the door to the driver's side, he was shot in the back. Blake allegedly had a knife in the car, according to reports, and his children were in the back seat during the incident.

In October, the grand jury's decision not to press charges on the officers involved in Taylor's death resulted in more unrest. When election day rolled around in November, business owners across the state boarded up their buildings in fear of the results and the reaction. 

The year-end is just a few days away, and though rioting and protests are not still taking over the streets as they once were, some of the protests have caused a change.

Thousands of people demanded police agencies to be de-funding and for some funding to go into other organizations and programs. On December 10, city council members in Minneapolis approved a proposal to cut police funding in 2021.

On December 15, Burrell was freed after serving nearly 20 years in prison for a crime that he continues to say he did not commit. As crowds protested Klobuchar's campaign rallies earlier in the years, crowds of people gathered again to greet Burrell as he walked outside of a Minnesota prison for the first time since he was 16-years old.

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