Rochester ALC Teacher Receives National Award

August 30, 2019 05:46 PM

(ABC 6 News) - A Rochester teacher is set to receive a national award. The NEA Foundation announced that Tucker Quetone will be one of 45 award recipients this year. 
The teachers were each nominated based on their dedication to professionalism, community engagement, and attention to diversity.
Tucker Quetone didn’t always want to be a teacher. 

"Both my parents were teachers so when I started college I was determined not to be a teacher,” Quetone said. 
He pursued other majors, but eventually found his way back and received a degree in Education. 
Now, he will begin his 40th year of teaching and his 27th in Rochester.
This school year will mark his third year teaching at the Rochester Alternative Learning Center. 
"The ALC is a second chance for a lot of students who haven't been successful at the other high schools,” Quetone said.
When he began his career at the ALC, he started an ethnic studies curriculum.
"The ethnic studies takes a look at American history and how minority groups have impacted our country and some of the struggles they have gone through in gaining citizenship or access to the American dream," Quetone said.
Something he said was important for the students at the ALC. 
"A lot of our students come to the ALC carrying things on their shoulders that impede their education...When they read about the struggles of others and read about the stories people tell themselves maybe they can find some hope there," Quetone said.
It’s something ng RPS has decided to make a district-wide option starting next school year. Quetone believes that could be a reason why he will receive the California Casualty Award for Teaching Excellence this year. 
"It's been a humbling experience but also gratifying  to have my voice heard a little more broadly and to be recognized by a body of work I've been doing over a number of years and hopefully, I've made an impact over those years in my career,” Quetone said. 



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