Mantorville Stagecoach Days Returns! |

Mantorville Stagecoach Days Returns!

Devin Martin
Created: June 26, 2021 09:22 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- The Mantorville Stagecoach Days are back after the pandemic canceled it last year. 

It celebrates the city's history, music, and art. Despite the rain, it didn't stop people from gathering and enjoying the event. 

"The main part is we're all out living life I guess, it's getting back to normality. It's nice to see people come back into the community and put money back in the community," Justin Kettner, Dodge Center resident said. 

The Mantorville Stagecoach Days has so many events this weekend. One of them is a bean bag tournament, outside the Mantorville Saloon. 

I talked with one of the owners, Koreen Sein and she says the pandemic has been tough on her business, but events like this help her business move forward. 

"With the pandemic and everything, it's been hard, but we're coming back slowly but surely, and we hope everyone does too," Sein said. 

Now, being at this event feels like you're taking a step back into a Victorian Era Minnesota Frontier town. The event had so many vintage signs around town and there even was a fiddle contest! It's neat! I talked to Mantorville Mayor Chuck Bradford and he says, having this event back this year is great. 

He even kept a positive attitude as we talked in the rain. 

"You get to reconnect with your neighbors that you maybe haven't gotten a chance to see during the winter and also remind yourself what life is like in a small community like Mantorville where it's sunny all the time even when it rains," Mayor Bradford said. 

Mantorville Chamber of Commerce President Terry Eckstein echoes the same message as the Mayor, seeing people coming together and enjoying one another's presence, makes events like this worth it. 

"When you volunteer at these events, you get to see everyone from the community and from Southeast Minnesota. You run into people you haven't seen for years, and it's just a great social time," Eckstein said. 

So even though the rain had this festival have a quick change of plans, the people I spoke to didn't let it get to them. Why? Because they have each other, and after being separated because of the pandemic, this town is back on track, moving forward. 

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