An unlikely Angel

Jordyn Reed
Updated: July 02, 2020 08:44 PM
Created: July 01, 2020 10:10 PM

(ABC 6 News) - Over the weekend, Karen and Dan Miller went to visit their son’s grave to water the flowers when they saw an unlikely visitor, a chicken, just roaming around Aidan’s grave site.  

"We have no idea where she came from,” Karen said. “The next night we came up to water the flowers again and the chicken was still here. It was here for 24 hours and actually it has not left." 

The Millers weren’t sure how long the chicken would stick around so Dan decided to build it a home.

"I built a little box for it,” Dan explained. “We put a little feed and water for it. It hasn't left. Aidan's got a new friend I guess."

Last July, their son, Aidan, died from sudden cardiac arrest due to an unknown heart arrhythmia.

"He had absolutely no signs or symptoms. He was perfectly healthy,” Karen said. “That night that it happened he was with some friends and they were fishing and he just collapsed." 

As the one-year anniversary of Aidan’s passing approaches, which is July 22, the family is getting some help and support from the new visitor. The decided to name the chicken, Angel since she has been watching over Aidan’s grave site.

"This chicken incident has given us a little more to smile about and has helped our tears kind of dry up for a little bit,” Karen said.

So, where did Angel come from? How long will she stay? What does she symbolize? All questions friends and family have asked.

"[Aidan] loved the farm and a few years ago we had laying hens,” Karen said. “He used to be the one that would have to go pick up all the eggs."

Another piece that makes it more ironic, is that Aidan used to make eggs every morning for breakfast according to his Mom so she’s not sure if that’s a sign too.

"A family member had also sent a message to us about something she found out about a couple of different things a chicken could symbolize and one of them was parental love and spiritual love,” Karen said. “The other thing was it represents…symbolizes good health."

We may not know where Angel came from, but her presence has brought a sense of peace to Aidan’s family, making them smile during a time when they need it most.

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