Dangerously hot through Thursday

An Excessive Heat Warning remains in effect for all of the ABC 6 News area through Wednesday, and for almost all of us Thursday as well. Daytime heat index readings have already topped 115° at some stations in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa and will again Wednesday afternoon to early evening as well. Thanks to a combination of temperatures in the 90s and dew points that have gone into the 80s, it’s feeling hotter than 100° for all of us Tuesday and will again Wednesday.

It’s currently as hot in parts of Minnesota and Iowa as it is in Houston, Texas, and they are under hot weather alerts as well. Please take this heat seriously and take care of yourself, your family, and your pets. Never leave a person or animal in a car without the air conditioner running. Stay hydrated and take frequent breaks, and be sure you know the signs of heat exhaustion.

Because of this, we are all under an Excessive Heat Warning 11 AM to 10 PM both Tuesday and Wednesday, and are in ALERT DAYS.