Tracking The Major Winter Storm

A very strong winter storm will bring moving through the area this week, Wednesday into Saturday, bringing ALERT DAYS with it. Heavy snow will start things off Wed – Thu, adding up to nearly 9″ for some locations! This alone will make travel difficult, especially early on Thursday, but it will be the wind that causes the major issues on the travel scene. The north wind will see gusts of 45-55 mph at times Thursday afternoon/evening, throughout Friday, and most of Saturday. This will cause extremely difficult travel during this time, with blizzard conditions, if not white-outs, as well as drifting snow. Many may have holiday travel plans during this time, please reconsider and/or postpone your plans. We are looking at extremely difficult travel, if not impossible, during the Thursday – Saturday stretch. This will be a storm you do not want to be out in during the peak Wednesday night – Friday night!