The Peak of the Heat Arrives

Stay safe out there on what is going to be a HOT Tuesday for southeast Minnesota and northeast Iowa!! Air temperatures are going to be in the mid to upper-90s. There will be little to no cloud cover, which will allow for temperatures to surpass what they did yesterday. Winds out of the southwest will transport hot air towards us today and tomorrow. Air temperatures will be in the upper-90s again Wednesday with triple digit highs expected in some communities too.

We are still under an Excessive Heat Warning in all counties through Wednesday evening. With dew points hovering around in the low-70s for much of the next few days, the heat index will get up as high as 105-110°F each of the next couple days. Plenty of water will be needed to get through these next couple days. Due to this excessive heat, we will be remaining in ALERT DAY status through Wednesday night at the very least.

It’s becoming more likely we will get relief earlier than originally though. Cooler air moves in Thursday, allowing temperatures to dial back. We will still have some humidity to work with, but upper-80s and low-90s on Thursday will not impact us in the same way. We get more relief from the heat heading into the weekend.

Rain is going to remain north of us throughout the extended forecast.