Still Feeling The Heat, Overnight Storms

Tuesday has been hot. Air temperatures will continue to be hot, getting up into the 90s the rest of the week, with Thursday still remaining the hottest of them all in the mid-90s.

Overnight and early Wednesday, we have a line of thunderstorms that will move through our area. Storms do have the potential to be strong or severe, although are more likely to be that way further west of us. Still, a few severe thunderstorm warnings could come in locally. The best chance for this would be along and west of I-35 as storms are coming in. This area is under a slight risk (2/5), but all of us are, at least, under a marginal risk (1/5). If we get a warning, high winds would be the most likely threat with large hail right behind.

Storms are out early Wednesday morning, likely around sunrise at the latest. We have more rain chances on Thursday and Friday. Both of these could present strong storms too, and the timing of both of these rounds is later in the day.

After storms exit the area, we cool off over the weekend back to more average, Summer temperatures and dry up again.