Steady Showers Coming, Cooler Week Ahead

Showers are going to hold off until the overnight hours and then throughout the day Sunday. Rain cooled air will keep temperatures confined to the mid to low-70s on Sunday. For rainfall totals, they are looking to be pretty variable. While I expect coverage to be almost area-wide, some communities could very well end up with only 1/4″ to 1/2″ by the time these showers are out. On the high end, some communities could get up around 1-1.5″. Severe weather is not expected locally.

Overall, we have another relatively quiet week ahead of us. This time, we don’t have any serious heat to deal with. Temperatures will struggle to get into the 80s all week.

After the weekend, we have rain opportunities Wednesday through Friday. Severe weather does not currently pose a threat here, but it’s also too early to confirm/deny a threat. We’ll know more through the upcoming work week.