Smaller Storm Chances, Hot Days Coming

After seeing severe weather in southeast Minnesota due to large hail, as well as seeing some sizeable downpours, rainfall odds are going to fall quickly heading into the overnight hours. Rain will become even more isolated and then wrap up for most of us by midnight at the latest.

For Sunday, we are back to warm, sunny, and dry Summer days that have been endemic in 2023. Temperatures are in the mid-80s for highs on Sunday and there will barely by any cloud cover. If you still have any outdoor chores you need to knock out, getting them done early would be ideal.

Getting anything outdoors done early in the day will be best because air temperatures are going to be among the hottest we’ve had all year this upcoming week. We are looking to be as high as the mid-90s by Wednesday and Thursday. There is a chance that the heat index could top 100°F these two days with humidity factored in. Plenty of water and breaks will be needed for those who plan to be outdoors for extended periods.

As for other rain chances, we could see some rain on Monday and Tuesday this upcoming week, but both of these chances are also isolated as well, and are not expected to provide nearly enough rain to fix our drought.