Severe Storms Possible Saturday Evening

The first wave of storms from this morning are out. With dew points in the upper-60s and low-70s for Saturday afternoon along with clearing out to our west, that will allow us to build enough energy for storms to potentially become severe. High winds and large hail are the biggest threats locally, although tornadoes cannot be ruled out. The ideal time frame for severe weather locally is 4-8 PM.

In fact, a tornado watch has been issued for Northern Iowa until 7 PM. Due to all severe threats, we are in an Alert Day through Saturday evening.

Heavy rainfall is expected from these thunderstorms, especially the ones that take place through early Saturday afternoon and evening. In addition, more storms are expected overnight. These will be weaker than the ones we see before the cold front passes Saturday evening, but are still capable of heavy rainfall.

Temperatures will drop into the low to mid-70s the next couple days after the cold front passes. More rain will be possible on Sunday and through Monday morning, although the severe threat is done once the cold front passes through. Rainfall is also expected to be considerably lighter here than anything from late Saturday.